The Gift of the Mind

The Mystical Veil

We often hear the religious and spiritual talk about the illusive veil, but not many know what it is. Many of us regard it as a covering that separates the spiritual realm from the physical. While this is true, we also believe that this veil must be penetrated by man, that man must find a way to penetrate this veil, after which he shall behold that which is in the spiritual realm. But what is the nature of this Veil? what must we do to pierce through it and who can pierce it?

One thing is obvious, to find the veil and pierce it, we must first go through the body, the second is through the spirit that dwells within man. All religion has expressed this truth in hidden allegories and rituals and sometimes in obvious ways for us to understand. In the Christian text we find two major focus which are prayer and fasting; one being a path way to the spirit, the other, a direct way to the body and the spirit. Hinduism and Buddhism, both focus on prayer, meditation, and fasting, while Islam, pays attention to fasting, and prayer. However, unlike most religion, Islam places strict importance to “rituals” which is evident before their prayers by the washing of some parts of the body, which they call ablution. More so, they also pray during times of the day when the veil is most thin, and as a result the veil is easy turn down during this hours. Another interesting thing is that their fasting regime is admirable, for a man while fasting, is made unclean the moment his thoughts about sexual passion leads to a little emission of his seminal fluids. Yes, it is true that, while some of them pay attention to all these instructions, there are some who are less concerned.

Is the body the veil, why pay so much attention to it? The body is the veil, as well as the spirit. I believe the Christian will easily agree, for it is often stressed that they must be born again in spirit and in flesh. While all these rituals may be important, the true meaning to it, is for man to take care of his body, for the body they say is the temple of the gods. The way to purify the spirit is through the mind, our thoughts, desires and emotions.

There is a direct relationship between the spirit and the body, and yet they both are contraries, one trying to rule over the other. The spirit when controlled and ruled over, means that the body as well is controlled and made subjective to the spirit. The body when controlled and ruled over, makes the spirit active. But if the body is weak, the spirit is inactive. This is where balance between the two must be found, if the veil must be pierced.

Who then can pierce this veil, the curious will ask. Any one regardless of your color, religion and spiritual believes. Listen to this; the sun doesn’t shine for one man alone, it shines for everyone; the Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and many others. The rain when it falls in a certain place, doesn’t choose to fall only on the bald head of the most religious and spiritual. The Buddhist when he prays gets answers to his prayers, just like the Muslim and the Christian. We must remember, that just as there are various stars in the universe, there are numerous divine and lower beings behind the veil. Therefore, our mode of prayer draws that which is in sympathy with that type of prayer.

Lastly, what is the nature of this veil? To this I say, that the nature of this veil is coarse and subtle, fixed and volatile, light and darkness; for in front of it is a coarse and fixed darkness and behind it is an indescribable subtle and volatile light. This is the nature of the mystical veil.

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