How to develop and grow your Willpower, part two.

Many question what will power is, but the truth is in almost everything we do we exert some force of willpower no matter how little. When the religious talk about faith, they fail to mention that there is no faith without some sheer of willpower. What willpower does is that, it helps you to first establish yourself as the center, then the universe will help you become that center, and from that center you control the circumference. But if there is no willpower, how can you be at the center, let alone control the circumference. For the religious who want to understand why prayer works and why it doesn’t sometimes. This is the key, that opens the doors, to the rush of universal abundance.

When you pray you exert your willpower, and place yourself as the center, then the universe will ensure that you remain that center, and from that center you pull everything without to you. This is what happens with your prayers; no willpower, no effective and consistent response. Willpower means action, prayer requires action, faith requires action, nothing ever happens without action, even the universe vibrated to life by action, as willed by the Absolute.

It is not enough to say you pray, the truth is, if your willpower is weak, then your prayer is weak. It takes willpower to be holy, no one can ever be holy if he has a weak willpower. Why do you think the religious fast? What is the importance of fasting? Do you think it is to please God? Nah! It is to increase your willpower of abstinence, for to control the flesh requires tremendous amount of willpower. He who can control the flesh, may control the spirit, he who can control the spirit has already controlled the flesh, willpower is spirit not flesh. In all spiritual text in all religion everywhere you find temperance, for they know that if a man cannot control himself, he cannot control anything. And to have temperance is to have willpower.

How do I know when I am increasing my willpower?

  • When you wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning to pray and meditate, you are focalizing and establishing your will.
  • When you abstain from smoking and drinking when the urge overwhelming, you focalize and establish your will.
  • When you abstain from sex for a defined period when the urge is overwhelming, you focalize and establish your will.
  • When you bridle your tongue, you focalize and establish your will.
  • When you control your anger and emotions, as well as your thoughts, you focalize and establish your will.
  • When you mediate, you focalize and establish your will.
  • When you go through life challenges without complains, this is the greatest way of establishing the will. Therefore, stop complaining in negative situations you find yourself, and use it as a means to acquire willpower. The reward is always greater, for nature pays you back for your strength. This is the Law.

To do this you will have to persist and persist, for persistence is the vehicle of all willpower. Through persistence, the will grows in strength. When over time you have focalized, and established your will to such a way it becomes second nature, your will becomes an instrument for the will of the universe, and you may direct this will to anywhere you so desire and the universe will assist you. Where are those who find the law of attraction a hit and miss, herein lies your secret.

To such a man who has acquired such willpower, it is said; he is able to control his breath at will, and to control breath is to control life. His molecular structure and cells become subservient to his willpower. He may by a single thought, direct the flow of blood within him or that of his fellow man, to any internal organ and gland, energizing it with new strength. To such a man the elements of nature answer his call, and to him belongs the sonship of the universal light.

Excerpt from The Blueprint Imprinted in the Great Light.

© Sebastian Enukorah

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