Quietude of mind…. A wonderful remedy

The religious run to the church to seek peace and God, the spiritual seek the sanctuary within, they are convinced that the only way out is within. A free mind is like a flying bird, it can reach to the inner depths of anything and uncover the secrets therein hidden. It is like an empty jar, open to receive whatever may be poured into it. It is like a blank scroll, upon which secretes are written upon, with a golden pen of light. He who must therefore develop the power of the mind must first learn to completely still his thoughts.

A mind filled with thoughts cannot differentiate truth from false. It is filled with sentiments, and many preconceptions. It cannot differentiate what is real from what is not. The man who has this type of mind is like a blind man, he is like the waves of the sea, tossed around by the wind; I can’t say this enough. Do you not know that the mind is the slayer of the real?

What must we do to the mind? Asked the great thinker.  You must slay the slayer, with the sword of will power. The mind must be tamed by you, it should not have control over you. The wise men of old, developed the way to achieve this. The key was through meditation. They knew that there is beauty in silence. For only in silence will you see the figment of the great source in the form of an amazing light within. This light is buried deep within man’s muddy body, and it is this light, that connects us to the source. The wise men of old learnt to awaken it through meditation.

If in the genesis there was only but a great silence, filled with infinite space and darkness, and behind all of these, is a still small voice, a voice that can only be heard in absolute silence. A silence, that was necessary for the great light to penetrate the veil; as mentioned in chapter one. Why then do you wonder and ask why the wise men of old, sought the light through recluse, and silence?

They found in the deep of silence, a spec of light that grew overtime, and within this light is the blueprint upon which everything created is imprinted. Within this light is the revelation of the voice of silence; a still small voice, with a power that vibrates like an earth quake, heard only in silence.

To cultivate this power of silence, it is not enough to sit and meditate, you must begin to ensure that external impression don’t register within you. If they do, you must use the power of your thought to think about an opposite impression.

When you see a beautiful lady, let her just be another beautiful lady out of a billion, and not a lady controlling your thoughts. When you see a very attractive and wealthy man, let him be to you just another man, and not someone to control your emotions and thoughts. When things don’t go the way you plan it, let them all just be things that they are, and not a powerful force of worry and fear in your mind. When business thrives, let it just be a thriving business and not an excited and boastful force in your mind. When you lose a loved one, you should mourn of course, but soon you must wake up and think about the opposite force of “life”, before the thought of losing the loved one, will become a thorn in your flesh, and will drain the life out of you too before you can realize it. You may think it drained nothing out of you, because you do not see the harm it has done to your internal organs and glands, but it’s all a matter of time, before the weakness within is revealed.

When this quiet life within become second nature, then there will be no need to meditate. He who has acquired this type of power is said to live like the gods.  His daily life is already a meditative life. He attains an absolute silence, that even in the face of anger and fear; he resolves not to be controlled by them. His glands are not forced to over work themselves in creating hormones that will create the needed balance in his body as a result of fear, anger and other vices.

Many try to practice meditation in recluse, somewhere on the mountain, or in the woods. They spend months and years in these places in order to attain this mind power. When they finally witness a glimpse of this power unfolding within, they retire back to their normal life, where they are welcomed by the daily noise and activity they ran away from in the first place. They are troubled at every turn by it, and soon discover that the power they thought they had developed starts to wane. They run back to the mountain, and the woods to rediscover themselves.

He who is able to control his inner noise, and create a balance and harmony in his inner life, is already meditating. He is in the middle of all the noise, and activity, and none of them can influence him. He runs not far way to a secluded place to seek inner peace, he is the inner peace.

A certain light appears when he begins to make progress in his inner life. A light which human understanding cannot describe. This inner light, is a spark of the essence which gave man his being. Many call it the soul of man, others find it as proof that all consciousness is energy, and they get their first glimmer of truth, that thoughts, worry, fear envy, greed and pride, all vibrate in a certain energy.

As one maintains quietude of mind, and a concentrated thought over time, strange things begin to unfold. He may look into this light and behold how ugly his thoughts, fears and passions are. A strange ugly being in the light within may startle him, he will see his passions, fear, greed and negative thoughts take form as an ugly being, and he may snap out of his gaze with fear.

The light you see in your gaze is your power, the brighter and stronger the light, the more efficacious is this power. This light can only grow stronger by observing the golden rule, and soon there will come a time, when this light will overwhelm the body, and great Thaumaturgic powers will unfold.  Herein is a wonderful secret.

Excerpt from The Blueprint Imprinted in the Great Light.

© Sebastian Enukorah

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