The Power of Polarity

To have this power is to understand the law of opposites. This power increases with the exercise of control over contrary forces and what follows its complete control is balance and poise.

There is a connection between the law of opposites and the law of cyclicity.  The law of cyclicity ensures the movement between two opposite poles. The sun rises and sets, completing the day, while the moon appears to rule over the night; this process is in cyclicity measured in logical numerical sequence exhibited in the clock.

He who has mastered the law of opposites, has the power of polarity and therefore can control the law of cyclicity. For him, there is no difference between the night and day in his inner life, the cyclicity can be enhanced, altered or made to stop. When the sun is down, the moon appears and ordinary men sleep; they sink into abyss, but he who is a master of polarity, remains conscious even at sleep. In his dream life, he lives it like it’s his normal waking state.

In consciousness, we find polarity in play, and man is swayed from subconsciousness in one end of the pole and consciousness at the other. However, there is a consciousness higher than these two, and cannot be compared as an extreme end of any pole. It is the pole, the reason why there is a pole, and this consciousness is called super-consciousness. When this ability becomes innate to him, he will find himself swimming in the ocean of super-consciousness. When this happens, impossible is nothing for him.

He who has mastered the law of polarity, not only controls the subconscious, but also consciousness. He speaks to his subconscious and it answers. He directs his consciousness to a given thing, and it remains there for as long as he wants.

There appears a certain disposition in man; some men are magnetic while others are electric. Many find themselves on either side of the poles, or are swayed between being magnetic and being electric without exerting any form of control over this polarity. The magnetic man is easily impressed upon by external stimuli, because of his magnetic quality, while the electric man, is not easily susceptible to external stimuli, but has the ability to influence his will upon another. He who has mastered polarity will be able to move between any of these two poles if he wills it.

There are many symbols left behind by the wise men of old, and many of its interpretations are unknown to man, but there are few who understand the laws of the universe and upon beholding these symbols they understand their hidden meaning.

The perfect symbolic depiction of the fundamental law of polarity and opposite, and its interplay with balance and poise can be seen in the popular medical symbol, given the name caduceus by the ancient. The symbol shows two snakes which represents two opposite poles of positive and negative. The pole in the middle and the wings represent balance and poise.

The symbol was adopted as a medical symbol, because it depicts healing. This healing  can only be achieved by the deliberate control of the opposite forces, to create a balance. So far, the medical unit has been able to control these opposite forces to create this balance through chemical means in the form of drugs.

While this is good, it only provides a temporary solution, soon the imbalances triggered by worry, fear, and all vices will continue to imprint itself in the blood and glands and over time when his body becomes overwhelmed, the man is forced to return for more administration of drugs.

You may deny it if you may, but the truth remains that men in the stone age and silver age, had a longer life span than men in the golden age. The men in the stone age, sustained themselves with plants and animals, and were not dependent on material possession. But as each age was ushered in, man’s life span fell considerable, and worsened in the golden age. where materiality rules and now men are nothing but puppets to their own creation. The forces of pride, greed, envy, anger, fear and worry, were given more life in the golden age, unlike any other age. And this is what eats man up from the inside.

Therefore, if man can use his will to subjugate these forces of vices, with opposite forces of virtues when they are triggered, he creates within himself harmony. His internal organs with his glands will not be overladen with the burden to create internal harmony to fight of the intruding vices. When these internal organs are overburdened with activity, they weaken before time, and man is faced with all physical challenges early in his mid-age.

Excerpt from The Blueprint Imprinted in the Great Light.

© Sebastian Enukorah

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