Detachment and Silence..

Attachments are thorns, detachments are wings and silence is power. When we are attached to the life we live, the passions, the material possessions, we pierce our soul with a pointed sword, and it bleeds sorrows, worries, fear, envy, and all vices. When we are detached from the life we live, from material possessions, our hearts grow wings and are so light that they can fly to anywhere in split seconds. And when we are silent, we retain these wings, ensuring they are not cut off suddenly, and we fall hard.

I emphasize again, there is beauty in silence; silence from meditation, and silence in speech. Silence in meditation I already explained in the power of quietude. Silence in speech, is the power to bridle the tongue.  For the tongue, is like a two-edge sword, cutting through anything it is directed to. There is power in speech, it can give life, and can cause death as well. Therefore, we must, be willing to control it, and direct it to whatever good course we intend it.

But what good course? You ask. If words give life, does it not mean you can speak life to your being. How do I speak life to my being? By the art of auto-suggestion. Tell your subconscious what you what it to do, and it will obey your commands. I do not mean that the respond to this command will be instant, however for a man who is completely in harmony with the universal laws, this is possible.

With desire, intensity, faith, quietude of mind, concentration, and will, the words spoken repeatedly will turn the present condition of a thing, into its opposite force, hence the polarity between them is manipulated, and one should immediately detach from the result. All 7 powers are here by exercised together, and a magnificent effect is produced.

Here is the key; you must remain silent as you see the manifestations, and not run around to speak about your accomplishments. For as you pride yourself in it, you desire to display these results for the many skeptic, and soon your wings will be chopped off, and to the hard ground you shall fall, with your limbs broken. Find a few trusted ones and share your experiences with them, only with the intention of bringing them to the light of this truth, and not to pride yourself.

This 7th law in terms of detachment and silence in speech, happens to be the same as the 48th law of power explained Robert Greene. This 48th law of power happens to be the greatest of all the 47 laws of power, and it has no manipulative tendencies like some of the other laws. To be formless is to be invisible, to be invisible is to be detached and silent.

In truth, silence of speech is one of the most difficult things to achieve, when you are faced and challenged by a man who is angry, and he has said a lot of unbearable things to you, you are boiling with rage deep inside you, and you want to show how tough you are by giving him a piece of your filthy mind as well, so that he may know you are man enough. You can’t take it anymore, you lose control and you let out everything. Very few, can hold their tongue in that moment, and this is why I say it is difficult to bridle the tongue.

He who can hold his tongue and control it by his will, and not his tongue being controlled by his anger; is able to control every other part of his body. He can speak to his internal organs and they will obey his commands.

Do you not know, that when you react in the same anger as he who was challenging you, you lose your power. How you ask? Before he challenged you, what was your state of being? calm right? But then he speaks, and you allow something external, other than your supreme self to be influenced and controlled by some one’s anger. He drains you in the process, your internal organs are over worked, the colour of your blood is affected, and your heart races. How is this power?

You want to know power? Next time, when someone challenges you, and throws his anger at you with words that sting, look at him and smile at every arrow he throws at you, and as you do that, they fall to the floor like flies, unable to penetrate your fortified inner self. Then watch as he looks at you in wonder, thinking to himself what is going on here. Reply every insult, and rage of his, with an opposite force, of smile, and calmness in speech, while driving your point. By doing this, you have your hands full with power. You displayed control of polarity in your left hand, and in your right balance and poise; power not to control others, but power to be aware of your higher self.

Excerpt from The Blueprint Imprinted in the Great Light.

© Sebastian Enukorah

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