The Many Faces of Desire

A great force which can be on either pole of positive or negative. When negative, it gives birth to fear and worry, and its focus is on how to influence others. When positive, its kills all fears and worries, and is centered on how to help others. The negative side of this force is what a majority of human’s use, and it is the reason things go wrong for many humans; it is the reason for many problems humans are faced with. Every time we focus on negative desires, we take a step further away from being in harmony with the universe. Continue reading “The Many Faces of Desire”


Concentration and right thinking;

Concentration is a force, and if properly done and mastered yields tremendous powers. It is one of the reasons why the law of attraction does not work for many. To concentrate is to set the attention towards a single purpose, for as long as possible. It requires that you are not distracted by whatever is going on around you. It is likened to being engrossed in a movie, or a book to the extent that you do not notice what is happening in your immediate environment. It is not only in thought that the power of concentration can be exercised; it can be exercised in whatever activity you are engaged in. Continue reading “Concentration and right thinking;”


All we need is passion.

If you want to achieve anything in life, any goal and aspiration. Then, put some passion into that which you desire to achieve. For passion is the fuel of life, burn it until it engulfs you and overwhelms you, then channel it to that which is objective and external, and you shall be amazed at how much you can achieve.  This is a great ancient secret and knowledge, though it may seem obvious, but yet many of us do not understand it.  Continue reading “All we need is passion.”

Quotes & Poems

“The Lost power; The feminine power of a woman.”

What power, what glory, strange power found in feminine.

You express yourself in the human mind as imagination and desire.

A force necessary for all manifestation, and all attraction.

Few express it, some embrace it.

Nothing can ever exist in nature,

Without the feminine pouring out her strength to it.

If i was a star, i be a Gemini, a dual power of yin and yang.

No feminine, no masculine. For you make the masculine, masculine.

For men sought wisdom when women had already become wise.

In the garden of Eden, Yes in this garden they showed men the way.

Winning first, the price of knowledge, while men sat in helpless wonder.

Ooh…  how i need the feminine in me to awaken,

Awaken in us all, and let the feminine power in us be born,

That we may rise in power and glory and become conquerors of nature.

© Sebastian Enukorah.