Detachment and Silence..

Attachments are thorns, detachments are wings and silence is power. When we are attached to the life we live, the passions, the material possessions, we pierce our soul with a pointed sword, and it bleeds sorrows, worries, fear, envy, and all vices. When we are detached from the life we live, from material possessions, our hearts grow wings and are so light that they can fly to anywhere in split seconds. And when we are silent, we retain these wings, ensuring they are not cut off suddenly, and we fall hard. Continue reading “Detachment and Silence..”


The Power of Polarity

To have this power is to understand the law of opposites. This power increases with the exercise of control over contrary forces and what follows its complete control is balance and poise. Continue reading “The Power of Polarity”


How to develop and grow your Willpower, part two.

Many question what will power is, but the truth is in almost everything we do we exert some force of willpower no matter how little. When the religious talk about faith, they fail to mention that there is no faith without some sheer of willpower. What willpower does is that, it helps you to first establish yourself as the center, then the universe will help you become that center, and from that center you control the circumference.  Continue reading “How to develop and grow your Willpower, part two.”


The Many Faces of Desire

A great force which can be on either pole of positive or negative. When negative, it gives birth to fear and worry, and its focus is on how to influence others. When positive, its kills all fears and worries, and is centered on how to help others. The negative side of this force is what a majority of human’s use, and it is the reason things go wrong for many humans; it is the reason for many problems humans are faced with. Every time we focus on negative desires, we take a step further away from being in harmony with the universe. Continue reading “The Many Faces of Desire”


How to develop and grow your Willpower, part one.

Many have come to the knowledge of the law of attraction, and have failed after several attempts. They begin to question its authenticity. One of the reason they fail is the lack of faith. For faith does not come from saying I believe. Faith comes from having a one-pointed mind about the outcome of what you desire. Faith grows from knowledge and experience, centered on concentration and right thinking. He who reads this book with an open mind, and applies the truth here in revealed, grows his faith tremendously. He who has a one-pointed mind in all he does, and is not easily swayed has faith, or is a candidate for the demonstration of faith. Lack of proper concentration, and right thinking is another reason the law of attraction fails.

Willpower is a force that says, “it shall be as I want it.” It is the pillar upon which the workings of all faith stand. Faith stands tall above all other with willpower on the right feet, and concentration and right thinking on the other feet.

When you desire you employ faith, a willpower that says it shall be as I desire. In persistence and intensity, it is willpower that ensures you persist with intensity. Willpower also ensures you concentrate and maintain the right thinking. To have a quiet mind requires tremendous amount of willpower. This is how important willpower is amongst all the other laws of power.

An unsteady mind cannot will anything. Without concentration and right thinking, no matter how much you try to will; you will find yourself swaying from one uncertainty to the other. Every time you concentrate and maintain the right thoughts, you are strengthening your willpower. A one-pointed mind, and will power can achieve anything, it can burn through anything it turns its attention to. Just like a magnifying glass, held under the sun and focused on a spot can burn through that spot.

There is a universal willpower, rooted on the fundamental laws of the universe, and there is a man made willpower rooted in passion, lust, greed, envy and all vices. The laws of attractions failed to work for many, because their will is not in harmony with the universal will power. You desire and you do not have because you desire for the wrong reasons, and when you do have, you have forced it on yourself and hence it becomes a thorn in the flesh with so much destruction.

He who must will, must will as the universe would will. Strengthen your willpower by working daily to master the other laws of power. It takes will power to improve on the other laws. When you have mastered other laws to such a level that it becomes innate, your will power at this point is rock solid. When you will, you must will in harmony with the universe. And when you say, “it shall be as I want it,” the universe will vibrate in response and say, “you already have what you want”.  Like attracts like is the key for any law of attraction.

Amongst men, willpower can be stronger than willpower. A man who thinks he has being able to develop a tremendous willpower, may find another with greater willpower who will break down his defenses in just a second, penetrate his thoughts, and control his emotions and he becomes like a programmed device.

A willpower developed by man, and then backed up by the influence of the universal will power, is stronger than any manly will power without any universal willpower behind it. To have a manly willpower, and a universal will power all inside you, is to be in harmony with the universal willpower. When through your inner life you harmonize with the universe. then can you attract the universal will power and it will descend and permeate within and without you.

The greatest way to attract the universal willpower after you developed your willpower is to be steadfast in the golden rule. For by being steadfast in the golden rule, you have fulfilled all other fundamental universal laws.

When you have the universal willpower flowing in your veins, there is no limit to what you can achieve. He who has attended this level is said to be the law of attraction himself. Within him flows all attraction. He need not seek these laws. He is the law, and he pulls everything he desires like a magnet. When you look at him, you feel a certain sense of admiration and fascination.

Let me try to explain more in other to appeal the thoughts of a religious reader. What did angels fall for? Freewill as well as willpower is what makes man, a man. Angels are nothing but ministers who are in service to humanity, and therefore have no freewill. With freewill, man is prone to all sorts of errors, and his life is swayed between his divine destined life and his man-made destiny. Willpower is what establishes a man’s freewill and aligns it to the center and to the universe.

When a man is in proximity to the universe by observing its fundamental laws, it means that such a man has an electrifying willpower. The universe has his back all the time, and his life is orchestrated by the universe.

Excerpt from The Blueprint Imprinted in the Great Light.

© Sebastian Enukorah