The Gift of the Mind

The Essence of Clairvoyance

Everyone desires to have some certain powers, but not everyone questions the consequence of such a power. Power should never be given to anyone who doesn’t deserve it, for if a man is profane, then certainly the power he holds shall be profaned.  For this reason, the ancient wise men, advised that man must first “Know thyself” before he enters the quest for power.

Clairvoyance simply means clear seeing, Clair being a French word for clear, and Voyance in French means vision. The name however has not lived up to its meaning, because in truth there is but very small number of gifted people who really see clearly. The majority of humanity who claim to possess this power see only in part or dimly. Why is this so the curious reader will ask. The reasons are many, but the primary reason lie in prejudice. A man who already has had a predetermined conception about a person, having impressed his brain with this idea, will most certainly see in his visions the preconception he has about the person. We must remember that by prejudice we mean both the good and bad preconception about a person; for prejudice is the slayer of the real, you must therefore slay the slayer to behold the real.

There are cases, very rare indeed. Where a person regardless of all preconception about a situation or person, may come to the true knowledge of the truth though clairvoyance. Reason being that a certain higher force was able to bypass the beholders prejudice in other to impress his brain the truth of the matter.

Clairvoyance has many benefits, which include being a step ahead in life. A rare ability which many will like to have. Anyone who is able to make the right decisions one hundred percent of the time is a genius, this is my definition of a “genius”. As humans, we all have to make choices all the time, and most of our problems comes from making wrong choices.  Clairvoyance is like a filter that separates what you need to do, from what you want to do.

Despite coming across as a lofty power or gift, many who possess this power dread it. For at night or early in the morning upon waking, they often cry and beg that this power be taken away from them. For they rarely rest at night during sleep, and they wake up very tired. Their awakened consciousness means they would continue living, even in their sleep. Far from this, the genuine reason behind their cry is the gruesome deaths they see in their visions; deaths of friends, family, loved ones and death of one’s self.  The reason being that gruesome and fatal events are easily impressed in the light and caught up by the beholder.

Clairvoyance is of different types; we have the clairvoyance in time which is concerned with knowledge of the past, and the future and clairvoyance in space which is centered in knowledge of information removed from the beholders sight.  Regardless of which ever of these type the beholder has, his visions are mostly unintentional. There are however, rare men who have been able to develop this gift and use it intentionally.

Lastly, there is a type of clairvoyance most desired and which eludes many. It is called second sight, and to possess it, is to know everything at once. For this i say, where is such a man to be found? For to have this power, is to say with pride, ” Dear me, i think i am becoming a god.”

Excerpt from the Blueprint imprinted in the great light by Sebastian Enukorah.

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